Male. Fullerton Arboretum, Orange County, 7-09. © John  C. Avise.

House Finch

Carpodacus mexicanus

Passeriformes; Fringillidae

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Male, San Joaquin Marsh,Orange County 7-09. © John  C. Avise.

Male, Irvine, Orange County, 10-06. © John  C. Avise.

Video. Laguna Beach, Orange County, CA. 4-5-11.
© Peter J. Bryant

Female. Irvine, Orange Co., 5-06. © John  C. Avise.

Male. Peter's Canyon, Orange County 8-07. © John  C. Avise.
Videos (click on images) of nesting behavior at 33°35'47.36"N, 117°45'2.64"W in Laguna Beach, Orange County, CA. © Peter J. Bryant
(Note to ornithologists: this is just a sample of a huge set of video clips. If you would like to analyze them, please contact me).