Agrostis stolonifera L.


=Agrostis stolonifera var. palustris


=Agrostis stolonifera var. major


Poaceae (Grass Family)                                                                     Europe


Creeping Bent-Grass   



                               June Photo


Plant Characteristics: Perennial, forming turf, with elongate stolons and erect leafy sterile shoots; culms 5-12 dm. tall; blades 3-8 mm. wide; panicle ovoid to ellipsoid, purplish to green, rather lax, 1-3 dm. long, the branches spreading at anthesis, more erect in fr.; spikelets 2-3.5 mm. long, 1-fld., disarticulating above the glumes, the rachilla usually not prolonged; glumes subequal, usually scabrous on keel; lemma rarely awned.


Habitat:  Escape in moist places, below 7500 ft.; many Plant Communities; June-Sept.


Name:  Agrostis, Greek name of a grass, from agros, a field.  (Hitchcock 334).   Stolonifera, bearing stolons or runners that take root.  (Bailey 22).  Palustris, marsh-loving.  (Bailey 18).  Major, larger.  (Dale 152).


General:  Rare in the study area having been found only once and this in Big Canyon about 200 yards from Jamboree Rd.  (my comment).       Most of the species are important forage plants, either under cultivation or in the mountain meadows of the Western States.  The three important cultivated species are Redtop, Agrostis alba, used for meadows, pastures, lawns and sports turf; Colonial Bent, A. tenuis, used for pastures, lawns, and sports turf and Creeping Bent, A. palustris, used for lawns and golf greens.  Velvet Bent, A. canina is sometimes used for putting greens. (Hitchcock 334).      About  125 spp. in temp. and colder regions, many of importance for forage and lawns.  (Munz,  Flora So. Calif. 941).       Difficult to separate from A. gigantea.  (Hickman, Ed. 1230).


Text Ref:  Hickman, Ed. 1230; Munz, Flora So. Calif. 943; Roberts, 45.

Photo Ref:  June 90 # 18A,19A.

Identity: by John Johnson.

Computer Ref:  Plant Data 390.

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Last edit 4/8/03.


                                           June Photo