Non-vascular Plants of Orange County, California, by Peter Bryant
Some Common Plants of Upper Newport Bay, by Don Millar
Flora of Upper Newport Bay, Orange County, California, By Robert De Ruff

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California Poppies

Encelia (Asteraceae) and its relatives

Coast Live Oak
Plants for a California butterfly garden
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1000 California Native Plants

Lathrop, E.W. & R.F. Thorne. 1978. A Flora of the Santa Ana  Mountains, California. An annotated list of the vascular plants and the plant communities of the Santa Rosa Plateau, Santa Ana Mountains.  Aliso 9(2):197-278. [Available from Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden]

Roberts, F.M., Jr. 1998. A Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Orange County, California, second edition. F.M. Roberts Publications,  Encinitas, CA. Available from the OC chapter of the California Native Plant Society, which meets in the Duck Club building next door to Audubon House.

Roberts, F.M., Jr., S.D. White, A.C. Sanders, D.E. Bramlett, & S.  Boyd. 2004. The Vascular Plants of Western Riverside County, California: An Annotated Checklist. F.M. Roberts Publications, San  Luis Rey, CA. [The OC/Riverside County line runs along the ridgeline  of the Santa Ana Mountains, so one needs this reference for the  northeast side of the range. Available from the OC chapter of the California Native Plant Society.