Floral cup shallow; five white petals, about 3/16 in. long; 10 stamens; 2 pistils, ovary may be half inferior. 

California Saxifrage

Micranthes (Saxifraga) californica

A scarce 4-12 in high delicate, hairy herb arising from non-woody long slender rhizomes with bulblets, in moist north-facing slopes in chaparral at San Joaquin Hills and Santa Ana Mountains (Roberts).  5 very small sepals, reflexed with age, often purplish; Flowering: Feb.- June.

Fisherman's Camp Trail, San Mateo Wilderness, Riverside Co., CA. 4-4-11. © Joan Avise

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Flowers arise from leafless stems, Inflorescence often one-sided.

Leaves are basal, shallow-toothed, ovate, 4-10 cm.