Petals, 5 white, each 3-lobed, 3/8 in.; 10 stamens on very short stalks; 3 styles. Ovaries partly inferior.

Woodland Star

Lithophragma affine ssp. mixtum

An 8- 20 in. high hairy herb that arises from rhizomes with bulblets; occasional on open shaded slopes and grassy places in coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and woodlands in the San Joaquin Hills, mountain foothills, and Santa Ana Mountains.  Often seen following fire (Roberts). Fruit a 3-beaked capsule. Flowering Feb- June.

San Juan Loop Trail, Cleveland National Forest, Riverside Co., CA. 4-12-09. © Joan Avise


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In spring, 5-9 flowers arise from basal foliage on unbranched stems. Floral cup cone-shaped, inflated. 

Basal leaves are palmately 3-lobed, rounded and scalloped.  Upper leaves 1-3 lobed, alternate.