Five short-clawed petals with tan or purple veins; 10 stamens. 

Parry's Jepsonia (Coast Jepsonia)

Jepsonia parryi

A small herb that arises from a corm-like woody underground stem.  It is fairly common on rocky slopes in native grassland, coastal sage scrub, openings in chaparral and woodland borders; San Joaquin Hills, mountain foothills, and Santa Ana Mountains (Roberts). Fruit a capsule, green or tan with brown stripes.

San Juan Loop Trail, Ortega Oaks, Riverside County, CA. 11-3-11. © Joan Avise.

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Calyx lobes small, truncate at base

In spring, generally one (or two) rounded, shallowly toothed leaves appear at the plant base, then wither in summer.  Months later, a few small white flowers arise on a leafless 8 cm. stem (Clarke).