Flowers are solitary with a 5-lobed hairy calyx, short funnel-shaped corolla with 8-10 mm. white or pink petal lobes with purple veins ; the 2 mm. tube is hidden by the calyx.  The throat is yellow with 5 bright yellow exserted stamens which are hairy at the base.  Ramona Trail near Lake Hemet, San Bernardino National Forest, Riverside County, CA. 5-31-10. © Joan Avise.

Flax-flowered Linanthus

Leptosiphon liniflorus

A fairly common 4-20 in. erect annual in grassy openings in chaparral, coastal sage scrub and borders of oak woodlands.  It is found in mountain foothills and the Santa Ana Mountains. (Roberts). The 10-50 cm. slender stem branches above the base.  The leaves are cleft into linear segments.


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