Trees 15–25 m tall with a single round trunk up to 150 cm diameter at breast height.

Aleppo Pine

Pinus halepensis

Exotic; native to Mediterranean region and western Asia. Named after Aleppo, a town in Syria where the species was first described. It was extirpated from the wild in Malta at the beginning of the last century, but is now strictly protected through national legislation and is being replanted. It is an important source or resin for subsistence economies in Eastern Europe. Forestry Images

North Main Divide Road and Ortega Highway, Cleveland National Forest, Orange Co., CA. 2-17-12. © Peter J. Bryant

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Trunk often divided to form a rounded or flat-topped crown of slender upturned branches.

Upturned branches bearing both closed and open female cones.

Male cones, closed and open female cones

Closed female (ovulate) cone

Open female (ovulate) cone. Cones take three years to mature and remain on branches for long thereafter.

Male (pollen) cone; early stage

Male (pollen) cone, later stage

Male (pollen) cones, later stage. Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, Modjeska Canyon, Orange County, CA. 4-11-10. © Joan Avise

Upturned branches bearing both closed and open female cones.

Branchlets smooth, slightly ridged, gray-green.

Bark at first smooth silvery gray, later becomings purple-brown, longitudinally grooved and fissured into scaly plates. Resin in the crack.

Needles in grops of two or rarely three