Mammals of Orange County, California

Compiled by Peter J. Bryant, mainly from the photographs of John Avise, University of California, Irvine
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Species exotic to California and/or North America, yellow background

Artiodactyla (Even-toed Ungulates)
Cervidae (Deer)        

Mule Deer,
Odocoileus hemionus
Carnivora (Carnivores)
Canidae (Dogs)   Felidae (Cats) Mephitidae (Skunks)

Canis latrans
Domestic Cat,
Felis catus

Lynx rufus

Striped Skunk,
Mephitis mephitis
Mustelidae (Otters and Weasels)      

Southern Sea otter,
Enhydra lutris

Long-tailed Weasel,
Mustela frenata
Otariidae (Sea Lions) Phocidae (Seals) Procyonidae (Raccoons and Ringtails)  

California Sea Lion,
Zalophus californianus

Harbor Seal,
Phoca vitulina

Bassariscus astutus

Procyon lotor


Cetacea (Whales and Dolphins) Drones Over Blue Whales, Gray Whales in Surf, Megapod of Dolphins off Dana Point Whale Watching

Balaenopteridae (Rorquals)

Minke Whale,
Balaenoptera acutorostrata

Bryde's Whale,
Balaenoptera edeni

Blue Whale,
Balaenoptera musculus

Fin Whale,
Balaenoptera physalus

Humpback Whale,
Megaptera novaeangliae
(Gray whale)
Delphinidae (Dolphins)

Gray Whale,
Eschrichtius robustus

Long-beaked Common Dolphin, Delphinus capensis

Risso's Dolphin,
Grampus griseus
False Killer Whale,
Pseudorca crassidens

Bottlenose Dolphin,
Tursiops truncatus

Physeteroidea (Sperm Whales)

Over 60 Sperm Whales Surround Whale Watching Boat off Dana Point California        
Chiroptera (Bats)      
Vespertilionidae (Evening Bats)      

Pallid Bat,
Antrozous pallidus

Big Brown Bat,
Eptesicus fuscus
Insectivora (Moles) Soricomorpha (Shrews) Didelphimorphia
(American Marsupials)
Lagomorpha (Hares, Pikas and Rabbits)
Talpidae (Moles) Soricidae (Shrews)
Didelphidae (Opossums) Leporidae (Hares and Rabbits)

Broad-footed Mole,
Scapanus latimanus

Ornate Shrew,
Sorex ornatus

Virginia Opossum,
Didelphis virginiana

Black-tailed Jackrabbit,
Lepus californicus

Desert Cottontail,
Sylvilagus audubonnii
Rodentia (Rodents)
Cricetidae (New-world Mice and Rats) Geomyidae (Pocket Gophers)

Dusky-footed woodrat,
Neotoma fuscipes macrotis

Cactus mouse, Peromyscus eremicus fraterculus

Deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus gambellii


California mouse, Peromyscus californicus insignis

Harvest mouse, Reithrodontomys megalotis longicaudus

Desert woodrat, Neotoma lepida

Botta's Pocket Gopher,
Thomomys bottae
Heteromyidae (Kangaroo Rats and Pocket Mice) Muridae (Old-world Mice and Rats)

San Diego Pocket Mouse, Chaetodipus fallax

Agile Kangaroo Rat, Dipodomys agilis agilis (may no longer be present in Orange County)


Pocket mouse, Perognathus fallax fallax

Pacific Pocket Mouse, Perognathus longimembris pacificus (Federal status: Endangered)

House Mouse,
Mus domesticus

House Rat,
Rattus rattus
Sciuridae (Squirrels, Chipmunks and Marmots)


Eastern Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis

Western Gray Squirrel,
Sciurus griseus

Eastern Fox Squirrel,
Sciurus niger

California Ground Squirrel, Spermophilus beecheyi
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