Bombyliidae (Bee Flies) of Orange County, California and nearby places
Note: Eyes usually touching in the center in males (they are holoptic), but separated in females
Clear wings

Acreophthiria sp.

Aphoebantus borealis

Aphoebantus conurus

Aphoebantus interruptus

Aphoebantus interruptus

Aphoebantus sp.

Apolysis sp.

Geron sp.

Heterostylum robustum

Lordotus planus

Lordotus zona

Lordotus sp.

Neacreotrichus sp.

Neacreotrichus sp.

Paracosmus edwardsii

Toxophora pellucida

Villa lateralis

Villa sp.

Villa sp.

Villa sp.

Villa sp.

Villa sp.
Black patches

Hemipenthes lepidota

Hemipenthes sinuosa

Hemipenthes sp.

Thyridanthrax atratus

Villa Miscella
Part smoky wings

Aphoebantus transitus

Anthracine Bee Fly

Greater Bee Fly, Bombylius major

Bombylius (fascialis or lancifer)

Chrysanthrax (junctura?)

Chrysanthrax vanus

Chrysanthrax sp.

Conophorus nigripennis

Paravilla californica

Paravilla edititoides
(flies in Fall)

Paravilla fulvicoma
(flies in Spring)

Paravilla fumida

Paravilla fumosa

Paravilla splendida

Paravilla syrtis

Paravilla sp.

Paravilla sp.

Paravilla sp.

Rhynchanthrax sp.

Thevenetimyia californica

Thyridanthrax andrewsi

Villa sp.

Tribe Villini #8
Smoky along wing veins

Hemipenthes inops

Lepidanthrax sp.

Pantarbes sp.

Paravilla tricellula

Villa sp.

Villa sp

Tribe Villini #6

Tribe Villini #7


Spotted wings

Anthrax albofasciatus

Anthrax varicolor

Anthrax vierecki

Anthrax sp.

Anthrax sp.

Anthrax sp.

Bombylius (albicapillus?)

Bombylius curtirhynchus

Bombylius diegoensis

Bombylius sp.

Geminaria canalis

Neodiplocampta sp.

Thevenetimyia affinis

Xenox delila

Xenox habrosus
Picture wings

Conophorus fenestratus

Exoprosopa doris

Exoprosopa fascipennis

Exoprosopa (fasciata group)

Ligyra gazophylax

Poecilanthrax arethusa

Thyridanthrax nugator

Xenox sp.
Extremely fuzzy body        

Bee fly, Anastoechus sp.