Herbs, annual or perennial, mostly with basal leaves and scapose spikes, occasionally with branched stems and opposite linear leaves; flowers regular, 4-merous; calyx of 4 imbricated persistent sepals, mostly with scarious margins; corolla salverform or tubular; stamens 4 or 2, alternate with corolla-lobes and inserted on the tube; ovary superior; style 1 with a long hairy stigma; capsule 2-several-seeded.


About 250 species and 3 genera, of which the largest and most cosmopolitan is Plantago.

Munz, (Flora. So. Calif. 633).


Upper Newport Bay species within the family:


Plantago elongata #

Plantago erecta #

Plantago indica

Plantago lanceolata

Plantago major

Plantago ovata #