A large family of wide distribution over the earth, most abundant in temp. and subtrop. regions, comprising some of the choicest ornamental plants.  Species perhaps 2000 in more than 175 genera.  Perennial or rarely annual, dying down after flowering to a bulb, bulb-like organ, or to a crown of fleshy rootstocks; certain species climbing; a number yield medicine, and some have poisonous properties.  A large part of the florists "bulbs" are of this family.  Fls. mostly showy and with colored parts, sometimes small and greenish but then usually many in racemes, spikes or panicles, the perianth typically of 6 distinct parts or gamophyllous and 6-lobed, rarely 4-merous or 3-merous, commonly all the parts petal-like; ovary single and usually distinctly superior, mostly 3-celled, with axile placentation, maturing into a dehiscent caps. or a berry, mostly many-seeded; stamens chiefly 6, 1 before each part or lobe of the perianth, hypogynous or sometimes attached on the perianth, the anthers 2-celled; fls. not in spathe; perianth-segms. sometimes differentiated to represent calyx and corolla.  (Bailey 200).


Upper Newport Bay species within the family:


Agave americana                                                        

Agave americana var. marginata                                  

Agave attenuata                                                         

Agave decipiens                                                          

Aloe humilis                                                                

Aloe saponaria                                                           

Asparagus asparagoides                                             

Asparagus officinalis ssp. officinalis

Asparagus densiflorus

Furcraea species

Leucojum aestivum   

Amaryllis belladonna  

Narcissus tazetta

Yucca aloifolia

Yucca species