Acacia  redolens Maslin         

hybrid prostrata


= Acacia ongerup


Fabaceae  (Pea Family)


Western Australia



                                       March Photo


Plant Characteristics:  Low spreading shrub, +/- 1 m. tall, spreading 5 meters; phyllodia simple, alternate, glabrous, gray green, oblanceolate, to 6.5 cm. long, 2.2 cm. wide, with +/-11 longitudinal veins, the center one being slightly more prominent, sweetly scented; petioles 3 mm. long, stipules none; fls. globose, .5 mm. in dia., in axillary racemes of 3-5 heads, pale yellow; fr. +/- 4 cm. long, brown, 3 mm. wide, constricted between seeds, curved; seeds dark brown, shiny, 3.5 mm. long, 1.3 mm. wide.


Habitat:  Escape from cultivation.   Blooms  March to May locally.


Name:  Aca-cia, from Greek meaning a point or thorn, referring to the parts often spinescent.  (Bailey 590).  Latin, redolens, emitting an odor.  (Jaeger 218).


General:  Uncommon in the study area where it has escaped from a bank planting on the northerly side of upper Big Canyon.  Found near the fresh water marsh in lower Big Canyon. (my comment).      Huxley describes A. redolens as a dense shrub 3-8 m. tall and hybrid Prostrata as being dense and low with phyllodes a strong golden green.  (Huxley, Vol. I 16).      Gum arabic comes from Acacia arabica, it is used medicinally in poultices which retain warmth and moisture, thus proving relaxing.  It absorbs discharges, and is excellent to use with the powdered herbs for poultices.  Taken internally it lubricates mucous membranes, is soothing in inflamed conditions such as inflammation of stomach, bowels, uterus and vagina.  (Kloss 189).      For additional information on Acacia uses see A. cyanophylla.


Text Ref:  Bailey 590; Sunset Editors, New Western Garden Book 1984 Edition 164; Sunset Editors, New Western Garden Book 1995 Edition 134.

Photo Ref:  Jan-Mar 96 # 19,19,20; May 2 96 # 5.

Identity: by Rik Katzmaier, confirmed by R. De Ruff.

First Found:  March 1996.


Computer Ref:  Plant Data 497.

Plant specimen donated to UC Riverside in 2004.

Last edit  8/4/05.


                                 March Photo                                                                            May Photo