Aeonium arboreum (L.) Webb. & Berth.

var. arboreum 

                                      Crassulaceae (Stonecrop Family)

                                              Canary Islands 



                                  February Photo


Plant Characteristics: Erect subshrub 2-3 ft. high, branches ending in dense rosettes; lvs. oblong-spatulate, fleshy, green or dark purple, 2-3 in. long; cymes paniculate, 4 in. long and broad, on long fleshy stems; fls. bright yellow, 5/8 in. across, with petals rotately spreading; stamens twice as many as petals.


Habitat: Escape from cultivation.  Best in full sun near ocean and part shade inland.  (Sunset Editors, New Western Garden Book, 1984 Edition  p. 170).  Most likely thrown over the bluff as yard trimmings from the old restaurant.  (my comment).


Name:  AEo-nium, Dioscoridean synonym of AE. arboreum.  (Bailey 466).  Arboreus, tree like.  (Bailey 10).  Atro, dark.  (Bailey 11).  Latin, atrox, dark.  (Jaeger 30). Purpureus, purple.  (Bailey 29).  Latin, purpureus, purple, reddish, violet.  (Jaeger 214).


General:  Rare in the study area, there being only a few plants with green leaves and only one with purple leaves, these on the Castaways Bluffs below where the old restaurant was located.  (my comment).        Aeonium species are among the most useful succulents for decorative effects, in pots or in the ground.  (Sunset Editors, New Western Garden Book 1984. p.170).      Var. atropurpureum is not mentioned as a separate variety in the 1993 Jepson Manual, however, the characteristic dark purple leaves are mentioned with A. arboreum var. arboreum.  (Hickman, Ed. 524).  I have previously listed A. arboreum var. atropurpureum as a separate species but have combined the two here and use both Plant Data numbers 234 and 421.   


Text Ref:  Bailey 466; Hickman, Ed. 524; Sunset Editors 170.

Photo Ref:  Feb 2 84 # 17,18; Feb-April 91 # 7,8, 12; Mar-April 95 # 26.

Identity: by R. De Ruff.

First Found:  February 1984.


Computer Ref:  Plant Data 234,421.

No plant specimen.

Last edit 12/17/03.


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