Grasslike or rushlike herbs, perennial with rhizomes or annual with fibrous roots.  Culms solid or rarely hollow, terete to variously angled.  Lvs. mainly basal, alternate, commonly 3-ranked, the blades narrow and sheaths closed.  Infl. commonly subtended by 1 or more involucral lvs. and consisting of a terminal spikelet or a cluster of spikelets. Each spikelet of a series of scales (bracts) subtending individual fls.  Scales spirally imbricated or 2-ranked, persistent or deciduous.  Flowers perfect or unisexual.  Perianth represented by several bristles or by an inner hyaline member, or absent.  Stamens 1-3.  Pistil 1, the ovary superior, 1-loculed, with 1 ovule and a single 2- or 3-fid style.  Fruit  a triangular or lenticular ak.  Embryo minute.  Endosperm mealy.  A large cosmopolitan family of about 60 genera and 2600 species.  (Munz, Flora So. Calif. 883).


Upper Newport Bay species within the family:


Carex praegracilis #                                      

Cyperus eragrostis #                                          

Cyperus erythrorhizos #                        

Cyperus esculentus #                                         

Cyperus involucratus                                        

Cyperus odoratus #                                           

Eleocharis palustris #                                           

Eleocharis parvula #

Scirpus acutus var. occidentalis # 

Scirpus americanus #

Scirpus californicus #

Scirpus cernuus #

Scirpus maritimus #

Scirpus pungens #

Scirpus robustus #