Moths of Honduras

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Photographed (except where noted) and compiled by Peter J. Bryant ( Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, 
University of California, Irvine, CA 92717

Any additions, or help with identification will be appreciated and acknowledged!

Arctiidae (Tiger Moths)      

Idalus dares

Ormetica ataenia
Geometridae (Loopers)  

Leuciris fimbriaria

Nematocampa completa

Synchlora expulsata

Synchlora gerularia
Pyralidae (Snout Moths)      

Conchylodes nolckenialis
Saturniidae (Giant Silk Moths and Royal Moths)

Adeloneivaia jason

Automeris sp.

Automeris zozine

Automeris sp.

Copaxa escalantei

Imperial Moth,
Eacles imperialis decoris

Periphoba arcaei

Giant Silkworm Moth,
Rothschildia lebeau
Sphingidae (Sphinx Moths)  

Adhemarius gannascus

Callionima parce

Hemeroplanes triptolemus

Falcon Sphinx Moth,
Xylophanes falco

Xylophanes undata
Unidentified Moths

Rio Cangrejal, Honduras. 7-21-07. © Davie Nguyen.

El Mapache (Bejuco) Trail, Honduras. 6-28-07. © Davie Nguyen.
Next four rows from Mercury Vapor Light at Pico Bonito Lodge 7/5/07
Below images from Rio Santiago 7/7/07
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