A mature fruiting body, a closed egg and a cracked egg.

Dune Stinkhorn

Phallus hadriani

Family: Phallaceae

Residential lawn on Foothill Blvd., east of Red Hill, Tustin CA
Growing consistently during Nov., Dec., 2014 and January 2015 within 16 ft of an Alder tree with decaying roots. All photos 12/31/14.
© Joanne Schwartz

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They start as an "egg": not a real egg, but an egg-form, below ground.

Each egg cracks open as the fungus prepares to emerge.

The egg opens wider.

Hollow stipe made of a sponge material (yes, it drips when squeezed), and a gleba full of spores on the cap.

Fruiting body in its unbroken egg.

Growing within 16 ft of this Alder tree with decaying roots.