It has a head at one end (right) a foot at the other, and numerous tentacles.

Medusa Worm

Polychaeta: Cirratulidae

From a mud grab off Shellmaker Island, Upper Newport Bay, Newport Beach, Orange County, CA. 08/08/06. © Peter J. Bryant

Identified by Leslie H. Harris, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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This is the way the worm looks soon after removal from the mud.

This worm has burrowed next to the glass of the tank, so both its body and tentacles are clearly visible. Upper Newport Bay, Newport Beach, Orange County, CA. 7-16-08. © Peter J. Bryant
When given a suitable substrate (mud, or in this case, sand) this worm immediately buries itself and sends its tentacles above the surface to search for food. The tentacles are hollow and are used to transport small food particles down to the mouth.