King Tide Photography at Upper Newport Bay, 21 January 2019.                        

This project is intended to provide a baseline of information regarding the extreme tides at Upper Newport Bay, Newport Beach, California, so that future changes in sea level can be accurately documented.

Volunteers from the Newport Bay Conservancy were asked to photograph the extreme High (+6.94 feet at 8:38am) and Low tides (3:48 pm) at ten locations around the Bay, shown on the map, on 21 January 2019.

The photographs are shown below, with the photographers' names.


UNB01 High (Susan Jarratt)                          
UNB01 Low (Erik Katzmaier)                          
UNB02 High (Yousheng Jia)                          
UNB02 Low (Susan Jarratt)                          
UNB03 High (Andy Rosenstein)                          
UNB03 Low (Andy Rosenstein)                          
UNB04 High (Kevin Bolland)                          
UNB04 Low (Kevin Bolland)                          
UNB05 High (Cesar Gallo)                          
UNB05 Low (Cesar Gallo)                          
UNB06 High (Drew Kosicki)                          
UNB06 Low (Drew Kosicki)                          
UNB07 High (Adelle Bennett)                          
UNB07 Low (Danielle Zacherl)                          
UNB08 High (Mary Thornton)                          
UNB08 Low (Mary Thornton)                          
UNB09 High (Howard Cork)                          
UNB09 Low (Howard Cork)                          
UNB10 High (Kim DiPasquale)                          
UNB10 Low (Kim DiPasquale)